soledarksoul-deactivated2013092 asked: Oh I did forget to mention in my last message, the most beautiful gift is you. We live rollercoaster lives, sometimes down and sometimes up but the downs are less and eventually it levels out. Just hang in there sweetie.


Wow its been awhile :) hey tumblr. Im not any better these days but things aren’t worse the ex-bestfriend aka Satan :p has backed off making my life her , the ex boyfriends have left me alone for now and my family is pretty stressful but okay . I have a new tattoo I am cut free for I dont even know how long I just don’t think about it anymore and I have a crappy love problem and need a job :p theres the quick update ttyl

Anonymous asked: Keep your head up love, things will get better.


Im going to cut .. and im sorry

Anonymous asked: Dear me in the worst day of my life (past or future)

Dear worst day of my life (future)

You will be the day everyone finds out when they can choose to accept what i did and what happened and they will ether understand or everyone will leave mom will cry my sisters will yell and dad won’t be able to look at me they will all shun me and I know it and you know what even though I hate you I’ll have your back … This is IF everyone finds out.

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